Relationship with NPOs

-Conservation International
-Fair Trade
-African Wildlife Foundation
-Business for Social Responsibility
-Earthwatch Institute
-United States Green Building Council (USGBC)
-Save the Children
-Sustainable Food Lab
-Product (RED)
-Mercy Corps
-International Youth Foundation (IYF)
-Ashoka Youth Ventures

I think Starbucks is extending their help towards all of these NGOs, because a lot of them are ones that could enhance their relationship with the community. Starbucks is a very well known company around the world and this way they could promote these NGOs and maybe inspire or encourage their customers or partners to help these or any other NGOs. Not only does this help improve their image but it can also help them with their business. Each relationship they have with the NGOs could bring a special type of expertise and experience that Starbucks might not have.

Since Starbucks has commitments to staying green and other factors that help the environment they could work together with some of these NGOs to help create ideas or solutions to environmental factors in their company, staying green, or even with community involvement.

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