Process Seals Develops White Hygienic Sealing Material

by Janice on March 10, 2012

Process Seals recently developed a new white material specifically developed to meet the requirements of hygienic design applications for the pharmaceutical, food, and biotech industries. This new material contains a white compound that gives the perception of cleanliness and demonstrates mechanical and chemical durability. The material is also guaranteed to be free of animal derived ingredients.

This new white hygienic sealing material will prove an advance for Starbucks in terms of their packaging for food and drinks. Hygiene is a topic highly regarded to in the food industry and with this new material Starbucks can essentially improve their company’s reputation as a hygienic company. With the recent demand for new designs and the advance in technology in the society this can increase their amount of competition and perhaps put them on a level higher than many of their other competitors.

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