Food companies eye more price hike opportunities

by Janice on March 10, 2012

Food companies are generally looking to raise prices this year. This year there are a lot of great opportunities in many sectors of the food industry for example baked goods. Commodities such as corn, cocoa, and coffee has already been raised the past years but the prices are still rising. However food industries need to be careful about how they’re rising prices to make sure that it still stays relevant in the market.

Starbucks is a very popular company and is one of the leading companies in the food industry in the world. If they don’t raise their prices along with other food companies that they could be facing huge competition. Along with the recent news that the US service sector is expanding, Starbucks will now need to consider raising their prices more than ever. Starbucks is a company that is globally recognized and with their recent growth to Norway or opening a ski-thru shop, attention on them will be higher than ever.

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