Companies promised fee for giving ex-prisoners work

by Janice on March 10, 2012

In countries in Europe it has been agreed that ex-prisoners that are released from jails in England, Scotland and Wales will be given the opportunity to be park of the Work Program which gives them the chance to work in companies. The policy basically states that companies will be given 5600 errors each time they get an ex-prisoner into work and keep them on for more than 2 years. This essentially will help prisoners start their lives again and will help them abstain from reoffending.

Starbucks has always seen being an ethical and respectful company as one of their main goals, if they join this program there could bring about positive responses and praises from citizens. This could be a good reputation for Starbucks as a company that is accepting and giving those that did mistakes another opportunity. Starbucks can see this as a step forward in enhancing their reputation and gain more support from citizens.

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