Classifying Starbuck’s Products

by Janice on February 21, 2012

The product portfolio of Starbucks is vast in terms of the product line, while the product mix may not be that wide of a range but they focus on their main idea of coffee and innovate new ideas in a creative way. With this product mix Starbucks is able to stick to their true colors while offering a decent amount of different products. For example they didn’t limit themselves to only being a coffee shop, they enhanced and added onto the product mix by producing tumblers and brewing equipment such as a coffee maker to be available to the public. These products may seem similar but they’re not limited in the sense that they all bring a different style and variety into the shop.

One of Starbucks biggest objectives is to be an ethically sourced and to be an environmentally friendly company. By introducing this line of tumblers they’re able to meet this goal by introducing customers with this other option. Their wide product line allows Starbucks to become a company that not only sticks to coffee but also sells other products that are customer friendly. Their coffee brewers and coffee presses will be able to help them reach that objective. Their product range allows them to not only enhance their reputation but also increase their revenue as their company continues to grow to a bigger international company.


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