“Rat study suggests weight loss answer may be in tea leaves”

by Janice on February 6, 2012

Taiwanese researchers found that feeding rats on a diet comprising of different tea leaves showed significant body loss weight decreases. The tea leaves proved to have a protective effect against weight loss and can help deal with a lot of diseases like heart disease or strokes from obesity. It is predicted that if this process works on humans, they might contribute to new treatment strategies for fatty liver and obesity-related disorders in the future.

Starbucks is active in many parts of the world and  obesity is something very prominent in many parts of the world. Starbucks is known as a coffee chain but they also have a wide variety of tea products that is very well welcomed but not so much in the western side. If this study proves successful then Starbucks will be able to attract more customers in America and Europe and potentially increase their sales as well as attention. America and Europe already his high interest in coffee, and if we now increase the interest of tea products into their countries it will prove to be beneficial to Starbucks not only profit-wise but also in brand recognition.


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