“Eco-resin with 50% rPET proves to be environmental friendly”

by Janice on February 6, 2012

A new PET packaging material is made up of at least 10%, 25%, or 505 rPET which means it is a pure and energy efficient packaging resin. It can be used for beverage packing such us bottle water or soft drinks. This new packaging material includes recycled resin in the manufacturing process but still holds the same quality as old ones. It is suitable for use in food contact materials and has received approval from the Europe and US. The resin is produced to help introduce an environmentally friendly new product line to the market that can help companies improve image of their products to have sustainable, strong, and versatile properties.

Starbucks is recognized as a company that is ethical in terms of CSR and one of their main objectives for the next 5 years is to serve 25% of the beverages made in stores in reusable cups. While their reusable cups has already been launched in the past few years, this new packaging material will help them in the bottled drinks or can drinks that they sell. This will improve their reputation as a company and be able to attract more customers. It can also help them meet their goal of becoming an environmentally-friendly company.


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