Starbucks: Importance of Objectives

by Janice on October 1, 2011

A lot of Starbuck’s objectives focus around 3 main goals, ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship, and community involvement. In Starbucks the objectives they make are focused on helping inspire their employees as well as their customers. In a company like Starbucks their customers are very important in helping their business continue and grow. The objectives help satisfy the customer’s needs and as well inspire the customers to do better in their own community. It helps customers understand what Starbucks does and attract customers to keep coming back to their store. The objectives are the driving force for employees to keep working, it’s what helps keep them motivated to keep growing and reaching for higher achievements. With Starbucks as they grow, they take their objectives along with them and embrace new challenges. The objectives aspire the workers to keep working and inspire them to work harder in the future. The objectives are a way to encourage ways to improve and set goals for Starbucks, they help define the purpose and aims of Starbucks. The objectives help balance not only what is important to the customers but also to the employees, it helps keep a strong bond between employees in the company.

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