Learning and Teaching Technologies (LTT)

Learning and teaching technologies (LTT) offer opportunities to enhance the process and depth with which students acquire, share, and demonstrate knowledge. Learning and teaching technologies support a variety of learning opportunities and styles, allow students to locate relevant and appropriate information, develop ideas and collaborate with others in ways not previously available to them. Students are learning to apply LTT skills to solve problems, conduct research, develop presentations, build projects, and communicate what they’ve learned to their teachers and peers. CDNIS has chosen an integrated model for learning and teaching technologies. Rather than have students learn basic technology skills in a distinct classroom separate from core curriculum, we are integrating the use of digital tools all across the curriculum and across all grades. No where is this more evident than in the MYP Programme, in which students satisfy the technology requirement by doing developmental and interactive activities during, for example, their regularly scheduled Math class. With this model, students learn how to use relevant technologies for the specific advancement of their understanding of core curriculum expectations. These core curriculum expectations are clearly and coherently laid out by all Upper School teachers in Moodle, a valuable organizational and informational electronic resource for all CDNIS students and teachers. To serve this model, all Upper School students are required to purchase their own Apple Laptop.
For more information, please visit the LTT website.