Tennis is a Season 2 sports at CDNIS which runs from November to February.  It is mainly for Upper School students as the level is very high and competitive.  However, some exceptional Grade 5/6 students are welcome to the try outs.

In 2015/16, we had 4 tennis teams – Boys division 1 and 2, Girls division 1 and 2.    All of the teams finished top 4 with our Boys Division 1 team winning the overall championship at ISSFHK while our Girls Division 2 team came runners up.

This season, one of our main objectives is to provide our younger tennis athletes more opportunity and promote the growth of tennis especially in the girls division.  We will have a Boys Division 1 and 2 team, and a Girls Division 2 and 3 team.  Girls Division 3 team will be opened mainly Grade 5-9.

The expected commitment trainings once a week and matches once a week where the teams will have the opportunity to work with our CDNIS tennis coaches as well as professional coaches from our tennis providers.

In February 2017, the Boys SEASAC team will be traveling to Singapore and the Girls SEASAC team will be traveling to Myanmar to compete in SEASAC Tennis Championship.  The players for the SEASAC teams will be selected from the ISSFHK Tennis Teams.

Boys Tennis Team

Our division 1 team focuses on fine-tuning skills that these talented players has developed overtime thus the structure of the trainings will center around a highly competitive style of game play.

Our division 2 team focuses more on continuing to develop and build a solid foundation for the players to pave their way to the more competition driven team.


Division 1 – Thursday 2:30 – 5pm at Hong Kong Country Club

Division 2 – Various days 2:30 – 5pm


Various Tues/Wed/Thurs

**For trainings and matches schedule, please check the Tennis Calendar

Boys Tennis Team 15/16

tennis - boys - division 1Division 1





tennis - boys - division 2 copyDivision 2

Girls Tennis Team

This year we are offering a Division 2 and Division 3 team for girls tennis.

Our division 2 team will focus on developing and mastering the skills of tennis as well as building on skills that the girls bring to the team.

Our division 3 team will consist of mainly exceptional grades 5s up to about grade 9.  These girls will learn and brush up on their fundamental skills in tennis.  They will also be introduced to formal tennis matches in the ISSFHK tennis league and master the skills to score and referee their own game.


Various days 2:30 – 5pm


Various Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri

**For trainings and matches schedule, please check the Tennis Calendar

Girls Tennis Team 15/16

tennis - u20 girls division 1Division 1

Division 2tennis - girls - division 2

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