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Timberwolves, New Opportunities for U9 and U11. Check It Out!

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HERE is the form  to express your interest.
With the newly formed Primary Association Of School Sports (PASS), there are plenty of opportunities for U9 & U11 students to sign up and participate in fun CDNIS Timberwolves Sports teams. They will compete against CIS, ISF, NAIS.

* February 20 (Wed): U11 Girls’ Basketball @ ISF (16:00 start)
* February 27 (Wed): U9 Basketball @ ISF (16:00 start)
* March 1 (Fri): U9 Boys’ Basketball @ ISF (15:00 start)
* March 8 (Fri): U11 Boys’ Basketball @ ISF (15:00 start)

* April 30 (Tue): U9 & U11 Badminton @ CAIS (16:15)

* March 9th: U11 Girls’ Football @ CIS (09:00 – 12:00)
* March 9th: U11 Boys’ Football @ CIS (09:00 – 12:00)
* March 23rd: U9 Girls’ Football @ CIS (09:00 – 12:00)
* March 23rd: U9 Boys’ Football @ CIS (09:00 – 12:00)

*April 11th: U9 Girls Netball @ ISF (16:00 start)
*April 12th: U11 Girls Netball @ SF (16:00 start)

Note: On school days, CDNIS will provide buses to the venues but parents must arrange their own pick up from the events.

HERE is the form  to express your interest.

Timberwolves Basketball, Home Of Champions!

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2 of our Timberwolves Basketball Teams have been crowned ISSFHK Champion, this week. Both sides, U16 Boys and U20 Girls were simply unstoppable, playing with a big heart and and an outstanding intensity!

The Athletics Department would like to thank all the athletes involved, all our coaches, and officials who have worked behind the scene for making this season memorable.

Thursday 31 January, U16 Boys Div1 Final CDNIS (52) – HKIS (39)


Wednesday 30 January, U20 Girls Div2 Final CDNIS (45) – CIS (34)

Timberwolves basketball, Home Of Champions

ISSFHK Tennis Results 2018-2019 – The Incredibles!

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A fantastic ISSFHK season was capped by all of the CDNIS Tennis teams qualifying for the season-ending Championships!  CDNIS finished strong with the Div. 2 girls coming in 4th out of 7 teams, Div. 2 boys grabbing a Bronze medal out of 7 teams, and the Div. 1 boys getting Gold out of 6 teams.
Thank you to coaches Safaya, Schmalenberg, Niem and Roland for all their efforts in raising the level of CDNIS tennis, and helping build a stronger team in fitness, mental toughness and quality of the game.
Congratulations on these results after the SEASAC girls team got both the Div. 2 Silver & Sportsmanship awards, and the SEASAC boys team got both the Div. 1 Gold (first time ever in CDNIS history!) & Sportsmanship awards!  What a season!  You all are an incredible group of athletes to work with, which makes Season 2 our favourite time of the year!

CDNIS Lower Division Equestrian team

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The eight CDNIS Lower Division Equestrian team competed in a practice heat at Lo Wu Saddle Club on January 18th.   All riders rode extremely well and showed great progress from their last practice heat in October.  Kayla Yeung won the jumping competition, with Kamila Wilson in second and Eva Gunning Garcia in fifth place.  In the dressage, Kellis Yeung came in third, Kamila Wilson 4th, and Eva Gunning Garcia in fifth place.  The team competed against HKIS, ISFA, and Kellett (BISHK).  The next heat for the Lower Division is on March 1rst.

Amazing Timberwolves, Great Achievement!


Kayla Yeung, Grade 6 presented with her award for winning the Jumping Competition

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