Good luck to our Higher Division Equestrian Team who qualified in 2nd position for the Finals on April 22. Our TWolves riders – Aliya, Kodi and Natasha make up our team that is one of four teams to make it through to the finals (other schools are Harrow, KGV, RCHK). This is a particularly impressive result as we only have a team of 3 riders, so every score counts (other schools can count their best 3 scores). This made the efforts of the girls amazing in the heats. Check out the photos of the particularly feisty horse that Aliya had to ride. Not only did she not fall off (which would have eliminated the team as we only have 3 riders, not 4) but she didn’t let the horse turn out of the move (additional penalty), calmed it down and continued the memorised test, which was particularly complicated. This is a great advertisement for keeping up your extra-curriculum activities to build resilience and composure!


On the day we placed 3rd, 5th and 6th in dressage and 3rd and 4th in show jumping for a combined place of 2nd. We also have a Lower Division team for our Junior riders. If you would like to know more about Equestrian at CDNIS please contact our wonderful Coaches Dominique and Karma.

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