Rules of Competition.

All FINA rules and regulations are in force with the following SEASAC modifications.

  1. A two false start rule will be used during SEASAC swimming events. The swimmer that has the second false start will be disqualified.
  2. Swimmers are limited to 6 individual events and 4 relays. The relay order of swimmers must be given at the time of entry. Reserves must be listed as well in the TM file sent to the host school.
  3. Each team can enter 5 swimmers maximum per age group and distributed evenly amongst divisions.
  4. Maximum squad size is 30 swimmers
  5. Swimmers must stay in the same age division for the duration of the competition. Relays included.
  6. A Meet Manager should be appointed by the host school who is not involved with the host swim team. The Meet Manager will be responsible for organizing the entries. The host school entries must be subject to the same deadline conditions as applied to other schools.
  7. Entries are due 3 weeks before the Championships using Meet Manager. NO CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED after the deadline.
  8. It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure entry forms are properly filled in, with accurate times, and that the 6 individual and 4 relay swims are strictly adhered to. (Competition Secretary and coaches will agree on course of action if there is any problems occur)
  9. All relay swimmers must be named when submitting entries.
  10. “Meet Manager” and “Team Manager” software by Hy-Tek must be used for all entries scheduling, and timing must be electronic. Touch pads are highly recommended but not mandatory.
  11. A swimmer’s eligibility will be based on their age on the date of the start of the meet.
  12. Points will be awarded to the top 10 finishers in each event.
  13. Open 200 and 400 event points will be awarded for age groups.
  14. Swimming teams finishing in the top 3 positions will receive a team trophy.
  15. Trophies for swim meet will include- overall boys, overall girls, age group winners boys, age group winner girls, most points achieved in age group for boys and girls, individual swimmers in each age group and each gender. Certificates will be given to new record holders.
  16. Team Members (Max 15 Boys, 15 Girls and 2 coaches)

Age grouping: 12+ under 5 boys and 5 girls

    • 13 – 14 5 boys and 5 girls
    • 15 – 19 5 boys and 5 girls
  • FINA rules – SEASAC competitions will follow FINA Laws regarding the above areas of the sport.

Four strokes – FINA Rules apply in terms of the nature of the strokes.

    • The Strokes – FINA Basic Rules (SEASAC interpretation)
    • Turns – FINA Basic Rules (SEASAC interpretation)
    • Starts
    • Finishing
    • FINA Basic Rules
  • (SEASAC interpretation)

False Start Rule

Swimmers will be recalled after the first false start. The second start will run and any swimmers false starting will be DQ‟d after the event.

Host school guidelines

These are guidelines to help a host school. to be used in terms of essential provisions that need to be in place for an effective and trouble-free competition.


If swimming officials from the local area are unavailable then a skeleton set of officials are needed, or helpers with a good impartial knowledge can be used. Least number required (stand in replacements sometimes needed in the case of emergencies)

No. of persons needed

    • Starter/ False Start Judge 1
    • Stroke Judge/ Turn Judge/ Takeover 2
    • Place Judge/ Takeover 2
    • Runners for the record/ announcers table 2
    • Recorders/ Announcers/ Results table 3
  • Time Keepers (tend to be helpers):
    • At least two time keepers per lane (8 lanes) 16
    • Reasoning – (1) For accuracy
    • Backup if electronic timing fails or if one time keeper fails to start at the right time
    • Backup for placing close races. (Assist place judges)
    • There will have to be an announcer and recorders of results.
    • Runners will be needed to communicate results between officials and recording desk.
    • Posting of results these days should be approximately 15-30 minutes after each race (due computers, competition software packages and electronic timing systems).
  • N.B. Host schools should try to work within these guidelines to the best of their ability and available resources

Points scoring

Places in all events will be determined by the fastest heat times in each event.

Points for each event of the swimming competition shall be awarded as follows:

Place Individual Relay

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • 6th
  • 7th
  • 8th
  • 9th
  • 10th