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New Student Pizza Lunch

What’s a great way to make friends? By breaking bread together and sharing stories… or in this case- PIZZA! All new students in grades 1 – 6 are warmly invited to join Lolita Schmalenberg and Michele Moskowitz for the New Student Pizza lunches next week. This is our special time with each new student to ‘check-in’, address some of the questions they might have, introduce them to exciting aspects of our school and just have fun! Lunch is during the regularly scheduled time, no need to bring lunch that day unless you have special dietary concerns.

Tuesday August 26- grades 3 & 1

Wednesday August 26 – grades 4 & 2

Friday August 29 – grades 5 & 6


Raising Girls

What a fantastic turn out we had for the Dr. Jadis Blurton session on ‘Raising Girls’. Over 150 mothers joined us for the two hour session. With humour Dr, Blurton debunked some of the myths about women/ girls, shared relevant research to highlight the significance of the mother in a girl child’s life, discussed how conversations with women are not only informative but necessary for girls and told us what we can start doing now to help empower our daughters. If you missed the talk have no fear, simply click on this link to her Dr. Blurton speak about Bringing up girls. 

Moving on Up!

Transitions can bring both feelings of excitement and trepidation for a student but when that transition is a move to the next division in the school these feelings are often shared by both parents and child. With this in mind we try to ease the anticipated change with two events. On May 20th all grade 6 students will visit the grade 7 class area and teachers. This morning is designed to be a relaxing but informative introduction into grade 7. For our parents we are hosting an information evening on Tuesday May 27. This one-hour workshop will introduce parents to the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Program, the grading system of the Upper School, new opportunities available in grade 7 for students as well as provide a forum for parents to ask questions. This evening is for parents only as your child will have already received this information in their session. Please follow this link to register today.

Making the Transition to Grade 7 Parent Session

Date: Tuesday May 27, 2014

Venue; Leo Lee Arts Centre – lobby

Time: 7:00-8:15 pm

It’s a Girl Thing

Every parent naturally wants the best for their child; the ability to make good choices, friends who are supportive and caring, strength when dealing with disappointment or tough life lessons….Self- esteem, resilience, confidence and character are values we all want our children to demonstrate. Still for our daughters sometimes the road to becoming ‘all they can be’ is difficult to navigate. As a mother our role is pivotal in helping our girl(s) but even though we’ve gone through the process ourselves we often find we’re struggling for strategies to help our daughters along the way.

It is our pleasure to welcome Dr. Jadis Blurton PhD for a morning workshop for mothers about raising our daughters. Topics will include;

* girls in adolescence
* protecting our girls from messages we don’t like

* technology and its challenges (computer addiction, sexting, etc.)

* Third Culture girls, culture-crunch girls and growing up internationally

* traditional women’s roles through the lifespan – what’s changed, what’s not?  Why?
* work-life balance and positive wellbeing
* How our girls will change the world – and why they’ll have to

Venue- LLAC lobby

Date- Thursday May 8, 8:30-10 am

Please RSVP here- http://tinyurl.com/momsanddaughters



Save the Date for Michael Thompson at CDNIS

March 17 and March 18

Michael Thompson, Ph.D. is a consultant,
author and psychologist specializing in
children and families. He is the supervising
psychologist for the Belmont Hill School and
has worked in more than 500 schools as
well as in international schools in Central
America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Refer to CDNIS calendar for more information

or contact the LS counselors.


Mind Up

Ms. Wilde and I are finishing up a 15 week Mind Up Pilot Program in Grade 2. What is Mind Up ?

It is a program implemented in the classrooms that promotes and develops attention to oneself and others. I always say “How is what you are saying and doing effecting yourself and others around you ?” The program is divided into 4 units. The first unit begins by reviewing how our brain works and cultivating  Mindful Awareness which includes the core practice (or intentional breathing…taking three deep breaths). Unit 2 discusses the role our senses play in developing awareness. Unit 3 is all about Attitude which includes being aware of different perspectives, choosing optimism, and appreciating happy experiences. Unit 4 emphasizes expressing gratitude, performing acts of kindness, and taking mindful action into the world.  If you have any questions regarding Mind Up or the lower school counseling program feel free to contact me.

Awesome Action Needs Your Help

Awesome action is a teacher lead club for students in grades 5 & 6 who want to participate in local community action and find small ways to make life a bit more awesome for people in their school community. Our large-scale project for this year is a paper drive to support a group of kids in Rabon, India. How did we learn about this school? From former grade 6 teacher, Mr. Marc Deragon.Mr. Deragon  left CDNIS in  2013 to pursue an amazing opportunity to teach in the Himalayas! He volunteers 6 days a week, teaching English to 175 students and runs weekend workshops at the school.

 The teachers and students are hardworking, but the school is critically underfunded. There are few supplies. The only teacher supplies right now are small boxes of tiny chalk ends used to write on the chalkboards. Except for the student workbooks, there is no library or books for the kids to read! Each child is given a workbook, and there is no other paper to write on, no pencils for the kids to borrow, never mind markers, rulers, scissors, glue, etc. The school needs help.

Fall Parenting Workshop Starts this October

Join Michele & I as we host the 4-part comprehensive parenting course- Active Parenting Now. Designed for parents of children ages 5 – 12, Active Parenting Now helps teach parents how to raise responsible, cooperative children who are prepared to meet the challenges of the teen years. The information we’ll share is current and relevant to today’s family and definitely something you’ll not want to miss. Each session can stand on it’s own so don’t let a busy schedule hold you back from joining the workshop. 

Dates- October 11, 22 November 13, 20

Venue- LLAC Lobby 8:45-10:30

Registration fee- 200 HKD

Sign up today. http://tinyurl.com/active2013

Welcome to another amazing school year !


Welcome to another amazing school year at CDNIS. I look forward to seeing you during the school day or  hopefully at Curriculum Night this year.

I have been teaching in several classes this year already . If you have a student in Prep be sure to ask your child about Kelso’s Choice and how Kelso helps remind your child about what to do when handling a small kid sized problem.

Jaime Wilde (school wide psychologist)  and I are piloting an exciting program in Grade 2 called MindUp.   The MindUP program is a comprehensive, classroom-tested, evidence-based curriculum developed around 15 lessons that foster social and emotional awareness, enhance psychological well-being, and promote academic success.
For more information feel free to contact me or look at the MindUp website for more information. http://thehawnfoundation.org/mindup/

Be sure to check back for more information regarding our latest parenting workshop coming up at the end of this month ! See you soon !!!


For families going through a separation or divorce

Divorce has a significant and lasting effect on a family and most specifically on a child. Yet, statistically speaking, the rate of marriages that end in divorce in most western nations is 40% and climbing. Of those marriages, almost 50% have children whose world has fallen apart and homes have split because of the divorce. In terms of life experiences divorce could be viewed as a ‘trauma’. The sense of secrecy and shame, the distress and sense of loss for what ‘once was but is no longer’ can have lasting and devastating effects on a child’s reality.

This year I will again be offering a voluntary support group for children whose parents are in the process of a separation or divorce. The intention of the group would be to help the child understand and adjust to the separation / divorce. As with any developmental process, helping a child arrive at a place of wellness after the loss involves passing through stages of healing; dealing with the conflict, change, anger and sadness. It also involves facing new challenges in adapting to life at home. This process however does not need to be completed in isolation. Having the support of a peer who is or has experienced the same loss can be instrumental in helping your child emerge healthy and with a new toolbox of coping skills.

Split Peas is a voluntary group for children Grades 3- 6 who are in the process or have recently experienced the realignment of their family composition. Prior to our first group meeting I will meet with each individual child and explain the purpose of the group. This will be a brief counseling session to assess the student’s resilience to their currant situation and what coping mechanisms / supports are in place already. With the student’s permission they will be include into the group’s monthly support gathering where, over juice or other treats, we will share success strategies for various issues, share stories, share laughter and more. My role is to serve as a facilitator, monitor the climate of the group and look for signs of distress, anxiety, or more acute behaviors that may indicate further support is needed.

If your family is experiencing a separation or divorce and your feel your child would benefit from the support Split Peas offers please contact me at;