How Playing can help a child engage and cultivate friendships

Re-engage with your inner child  and recall how  important play used to be to you.  

Over the years, as we mature, we forget the creativity that is in all us and how it was ignited through playing.  Do you remember building forts and exploring caves or developing scary stories around the campfire? I remember a time when I was in grade 4, the only thing that mattered to me was if my friends and I could play double-dutch at recess or could they break the secret code in the ‘spy- messages’ we sent to each other.  Weekends were for going to friend’s homes, playing hid ‘n ‘ seek in the park and family movie nights. But maturity happened and how we played changed. For many, somewhere along the way they actually start to think it was fun to drink coffee and read the paper. In the end many became rusty at playing.

Perhaps you were great at playing with your children when they were younger and now you are struggling to play with your teens.  Please join Dr. Kate Threlfall from the Central Health Partners as she addresses:

  • Play for building connections (attachment)  
  • Play for enhancing creativity (cognitive development)
  • Explore what gets in the way of fun times with your kids & teens

New avenues of joy are waiting to be explored starting today, come play with us !

Venue- LLAC lobby

Date- Monday Sept. 29

Time- 8:30-10 (refreshments served at 8am)


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