Mind Up

Ms. Wilde and I are finishing up a 15 week Mind Up Pilot Program in Grade 2. What is Mind Up ?

It is a program implemented in the classrooms that promotes and develops attention to oneself and others. I always say “How is what you are saying and doing effecting yourself and others around you ?” The program is divided into 4 units. The first unit begins by reviewing how our brain works and cultivating¬† Mindful Awareness which includes the core practice (or intentional breathing…taking three deep breaths). Unit 2 discusses the role our senses play in developing awareness. Unit 3 is all about Attitude which includes being aware of different perspectives, choosing optimism, and appreciating happy experiences. Unit 4 emphasizes expressing gratitude, performing acts of kindness, and taking mindful action into the world.¬† If you have any questions regarding Mind Up or the lower school counseling program feel free to contact me.

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