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Welcome to the Learning Services Team in the Lower School!

Learning Services is a multi-disciplinary team trained in the psycho-social and cognitive development of children and adolescents. Collectively, the Learning Services Team  (LST) support the range of individual need in the Lower School, from the youngest to the eldest and the least able to the most able.

We are teachers, support staff and school counsellors who work to ensure that all students have opportunities to develop their full potential according to their unique set of strengths and needs. We strive to meet the social, emotional and academic needs of children through an integrated service delivery and a focus upon school, home and peer networks.

The model of Learning Services is pro-active and preventative and when necessary, offers a reactionary model of service delivery. The team members have a holistic view of children and believe that the emotional well-being and resilience of children is a fundamental aspect of turning potential into performance. This view underpins the case management style of Learning Services and the collaboration and cooperation between the counselling and academic support team and the homeroom teacher.

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In the 2016-17 academic year, the Learning Services Team  will comprise the following people:

  • School Counsellors – Ms. Shelly Chutke and Ms. Lora Lee
  • Learning  Support – Ms. Jean Van Bourgondien, Mr. Ronald Vallecer, Mrs. Suzi Wah, Ms. Laura Liguori, Ms. Andrea Uhlir (Learning Leader) and Ms. Phoebe Tse (EA)

Be on the look out for tabs at the top of the page as we are in the process of revamping our website so that we can provide improved access  to more details about the services and programs offered by the guidance counselling staff and the academic support staff. The side tabs will take you directly into the staff blogs.

We look forward to working with all the members of the CDNIS community to enhance the educational opportunity of all children.