Student Leadership

Hello Students of the Lower School!

Welcome to the LSSC blog! This blog will share the latest updates from meetings, Dress Down Day themes, and the different jobs that we are in charge of. You can also comment on any post with questions, problems and queries you have and we will reply with a suggestion or we can arrange a meeting to talk about it. You may also have requests or ideas for the LSSC to help out, you may submit those to our members or Ms. Parnsalu as she is the supervisor for the LSSC. Thank you for electing us as your student council; we will make sure this is the best school year for you and your friends!


Hi, we are the Lower School Student Council, and we are made up of 10 students with 10 voices.   We have lots of experience at being leaders representing the Lower School. We listen to opinions in the Lower School and try to think of possible solutions so that there is a win win situation. 10 brains trying to think about a better school life for Lower School students. Together we will take the Lower School to new heights!

Being in on the Council is not that easy; we need to make a big commitment, have lots of confidence, creativity and most importantly, a positive attitude. We need to be collaborative with teachers or other students, but also, with the council members when working together. Sometimes, we might have different opinions and we need to think of solutions.

LSSC Mission

The LSSC serves as a student government, representing the voice of the student body, and  take action to improve student life.  The Lower School Student Council consists of two student-elected Class Representatives from each class in grades 3 to 6, and ten student-elected Executive Council members from grades 5 and 6.  The Executive meets weekly to the discuss issues and progress on the action plan.

LSSC members strive to be good leaders, citizens and role models.  As school leaders, they show responsibility, open-mindedness, and are principled.  They also display other attributes of the Learner Profile.  Members engage with the student body regularly to understand better their concerns and strive to improve the school community for the student body.

Aims of the LSSC

The LSSC aims are to:

  • improve student life through listening to ideas of the student body and responding to their needs
  • bring awareness of the needs to care for the environment
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