Thinking Robots

Guest post from Vivian Fung, LTT
Today’s students are immersed in technology. At CDNIS, through robotics, they learn to see technology as not only an immutable aspect of their environment but also as a tool they can manipulate in order to achieve specific learning goals.
Following a successful Grade 4 program, which is still continuing, the Grade 6 students have completed 4 weeks of Robotics challenges where they have programmed the robots to: 
    • act as a driverless car to avoid obstacles, 
    • get out of mazes 
    • locate a random object in a closed zone
robotics1 robotics2 robotics3
Each challenge builds upon their prior knowledge from the previous challenge. 
At the beginning of each lesson, students work with flowcharts to plan and think for the robots before then coding and finally testing. The logical thinking process helps students to exhibit reasoning in a clear manner, to think objectively based on knowledge, and to predict based on facts uninfluenced by guesses.
Students think and work to put their code in action, analysing their failure and adjusting their code based on the outcome. Through analytical and logical reasoning, students stimulate their brain and develop a growth mindset. 
Students across many grade levels will be also making and re-designing robots as robots provide opportunities for students to think, plan, test and challenge themselves as learners.

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