My Piece of Action

CDNIS was privileged to host the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) and Roots & Shoots Youth Summit on this past Friday, November 11th. We were honored to have Dr. Jane Goodall in person to deliver an inspiring keynote to the attendees, of who included over 150 student representatives from various local and international schools.

The Youth Summit participants were able to share their passions about environmental and social issues through exhibition presentations, with Dr. Goodall providing feedback and encouragement. These students also attended workshops led by local NGOs, including Feeding Hong Kong, HK Dolphin Conservation Society, Plastic Free Seas, Hong Kong Dog Rescue and Hong Kong Explorers Initiative.



David, Helen, Smrit, Kim and students welcome Dr. Goodall to the school.

The Youth Summit was run with the goal of having a low environmental impact. With that in mind, the programme guides were printed on recycled paper and MANA! was chosen as the lunch provider. The philosophy that guides MANA! is to provide healthy food that does not negatively impact the planet, including:

  • Minimize waste by using renewable and recyclable packaging
  • Aim for zero food waste by composting food scraps
  • Promote a plant based diet by providing vegetarian food

Dr. Goodall inspired those in attendance as she shared personal stories that communicated treasures of encouragement, wisdom and truth. She reminded us of the importance of:

  • Humans to be humble as we reflect on our place in the larger animal kingdom;
  • Encouragement, such as she received from her mother to work hard and not give up when you really want something; and
  • Treating every day as an adventure, as you never know whom you will meet and what opportunities that will arise.

Keynote Speaker–Dr. Jane Goodall

Dr. Goodall ended her keynote with five reasons to have HOPE for the future:

  1. Believe in young people and empower them to make a difference.
  2. Be aware of the innovative and powerful brain we have as humans.
  3. Realize the highly resilient nature of humans and the planet.
  4. Appreciate the power of social media to join together people around the world for a specific cause.
  5. Believe in the human spirit, that ability to inspire others and not easily give up.

The Youth Summit day ended with each participant completing a “My Piece of Action” puzzle piece. This served as both a commitment to their continued action, also provided the next steps they would take in making a difference locally and globally.

Hosting the Youth Summit is just the beginning for the CDNIS school community, as we are using this as a catalyst for action to continue to affect change together. CDNIS has a new goal to reduce 2016/17 electricity consumption by 10%. Students will play a vital role in accomplishing this goal, together with the support and involvement of staff and parents.

We thank all the parents, students and staff who collaborated together to host Youth Summit at CDNIS. We also want to give a special shout out to Smriti Sayafa and Kim Campbell, our Local and Global Engagement Coordinators, for leading the planning for this amazing event!

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