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Student Agency

One of the five essential elements in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) is Action. Taken independently as a result of an inquiry, action will extend a student’s learning and have a wider social impact....

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Connecting Kids with Nature

April 18-24th is Green Week at our school, so this week’s blog post focuses on environmental education and action at our school. As an IB World School, one of our goals at CDNIS is...

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Home “Work” & Home “Learning”

Homework versus Home Learning Being busy is not the same as learning. “A 2006 synthesis of research on the effects of homework found no correlation between amount of time spent on homework and achievement...


Empathy and Compassion Building

In last week’s post, we highlighted innovative problem solving as a key disposition in preparing students for the future. Beyond solid academic foundations and critical thinking skills, what are other important dispositions for students...

Creative Thinking 2

Worlds Unknown: Creative Thinking

Renowned educational researcher Dylan William suggests we are preparing students for a world we cannot envisage; indeed, did you know we are preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist using technologies that have...


The Heart of Learning

   What does this graphic say about the IB approach to developing internationally minded students?  Clearly, at the heart of the program are the kids, each of whom brings a unique blend of experiences,...

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