June Progress Reports

June 5, 2014

Dear Lower School Parents,

The 2013/2014 school year will conclude on Wednesday June 11. Students in Pre Reception through Grade 6 will receive their 2nd Progress Report, which will be published online by 4:00pm on Wednesday June 11. Students will also bring their portfolios home to share their learning on Friday June 6. The portfolio contains a variety student work samples from all areas of the curriculum. Students reflect on each piece and use the portfolio as a learning tool.

I congratulate all Lower School students for a very successful year of academic, social and emotional growth. The 2nd Progress Report is intended to add further value to reporting practices including 3 Way Learning Reviews, Student Portfolios and Student Led Conferences. The purpose of the Progress Report is to inform about learning in terms of knowledge, skills and understanding and identify areas where improvement is required. Although academics are important, the Progress Report also provides a platform, of equal importance, to comment about your child’s social and emotional development. Take the opportunity to read the Progress Report with your child/children, praise them for their effort, performance and growth, big or small.

To interpret and understand your child’s/children’s Progress Report, please reference the information on page 2. Please note, the current electronic system does not archive progress reports so please download and save a copy for future reference. The following video tutorial is provided as a reference to download the progress report – http://vimeo.com/35738141.

How Do We Evaluate Student Achievement at CDNIS?


Student achievement is measured against a set of descriptors (Appendix 1) according to whether they are exceeding, meeting or approaching grade level expectations as determined by the grade level team, in consultation with other grade levels. Knowledge, skills and understanding are considered when evaluating a student’s overall achievement. As the benchmark is expected to be high it is assumed there will be very few students who exceed expectations, something that should be made clear to all stakeholders. Too many students being rated as ‘exceeding’ indicates the grade level expectations are not of a high enough standard.


By including effort as part of the Teaching and Learning Programme and a measurable indicator in the reporting process, our goal is to encourage a student’s belief about their ability to achieve successful outcomes in various areas, show students and other stakeholders the link between effort and achievement and stress the importance that effort and achievement are equally as important. When measuring effort goal setting, commitment to a task, diligence, persistence, willingness to problem-solve, seeking new challenges and striving for personal best should be considered.

Lower School Achievement Descriptors

Achievement descriptors refer to the student’s knowledge, understanding and skill as commented on in the current Progress Report and Student Portfolio.

  • Knowledge is defined as significant, relevant content the student needs to know
  • Skills are defined as the capabilities the student has acquired in order to prepare them for lifelong learning
  • Understanding is defined as having made sense and developed accurate meaning of an idea or concept and is therefore, able to explain, support, justify, theorise and/or defend it.

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Dylan Hughes

Lower School Principal



1:1 MacBook Programme information – Grade 4 Parents

Dear Grade 4 Parents, We write to invite you to attend a 1:1 MacBook Programme information session on Wednesday, 7 May from 6:00pm-7:30pm in the Library. Our goal for each current Grade 4 student is to have a MacBook available from the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year. To achieve this goal we are initiating the process now. For […]

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Class lists for 2014/2015 school year

Just a gentle reminder, we will soon start assembling Lower School class lists for the 2014/2015 school year. If there any extenuating circumstances relating to your child’s class placement please send an email to the Lower School Principal, Dylan Hughes before Monday April 28. Respectfully, we ask that you refrain from making personal requests to select or avoid […]

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Student Led Learning Reviews – SLLR

Dear Parents Our student centered reporting cycle continues with the Student Led Learning Reviews (SLLR). If you have never participated in a Student Led Learning Review, click here for a preview. Thursday April 10: Preparatory to Grade 5  Thursday 10 & Friday 11 April: Pre Rec. and Reception Wednesday 9 & Thursday 10 April: Grade 6 PYP Exhibition Both […]

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The 5 ‘Basics’ of Maths in the Lower School

Jon Field, Director of Curriculum at CDNIS, is the author of the article below. Many excellent conversations with Lower School parents often return to the subject of are we teaching enough of the basics in Maths.. So here are some suggestions of the ‘basics’ of Maths we should teach to both students, teachers and parents […]

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Dear Parents, Preparations for the Grade 6 IB PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme) Exhibition are underway. For students this is the culmination of their experiences working over a number of years with the PYP and is in fact a summative assessment of their understanding of the programme principles and framework.  The Exhibition process will […]

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CISPA 2014 Chinese New Year Fair Volunteers & Pre-Ordering Tokens

Message from the Chinese New Year Fair Committee We are pleased to announce that the CISPA Chinese New Year Fair will be held on Tuesday 28th January 2014. We invite all parents, new or not so new, to join us in bringing the celebration of the year of Horse to CDNIS. This year the fair […]

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I am a role model and a risk taker!

I am a role model and a risk taker! As the world mourns the loss of perhaps one the most inspirational and influential world leaders of our time, Nelson Mandela, I find myself reflecting upon what is important in life. Nelson Mandela had many fine qualities as a person and personified these in so many […]

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Before you know it…

Before you know it… With Christmas holidays approaching, I find myself reflecting upon the year and thinking about the importance of family. We’ve all heard the saying “enjoy it while it lasts.” This can refer to many things, a delicious meal, a budding relationship, a tall glass of refreshing wine, a job, a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, […]

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NOV 18 PYP Parent Information Sessions

Dear Parents, On November 18, members of the Lower School teaching staff will running a series of PYP Parent Information Sessions.  Please see details at this link: November 18 Parent Information Sessions Please don’t hestitate to contact me at ThomasWoods@cdnis.edu.hk if you have any questions. Best regards, Tom Woods

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