Chinese Orchestra Programme 中樂團

Time:   Wednesdays 14:35 – 17:00 (include instruction lesson and orchestra assemble)

Venue:  CCC library and classrooms
Programmer Leader: Mr. William Ng

Student:  Grade 2 – Grade 12

Superviser teachers: Ms. Vera Chen and Kerina Ji

Chinese instruments include:  Guzheng, Yang Qin, Pipa, Erhu, Dizi ,etc

2 Terms per year (Aug – Jan, Jan – May)

Fees:  $3,500 per term  (including both instrument class and Ensemble Class)
$$1,750 per term (instrument class ONLY or Ensemble Class ONLY)

  • All skill levels welcome

Proposed Performances:
1. CNY concert
2. End of year concert

IMG_0296 IMG_0321

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