by jonathanhamilton on October 6, 2013

Still don’t know what to do for your CAS project? Get some inspiration from Karl Naumann and Sean Au’s project – making a beats album!

Karl and Sean have been making beats for over a year. Their love and passion for music gave them the idea of creating a beats album for their CAS project, with Creativity being the major focus. They have already been making, editing and mastering individual beats, since January.

Although Karl enjoys almost each and every aspect of their project, the drum sectional is his favourite. As a drummer, he says he always finds himself looking for the perfect kick, clap and snare most of the time, trying to make the perfect layers.

Just like any CAS Project, there are a lot of difficulties and obstacles in their way. It is a time-consuming project, as it takes up to eight hours to make and master a track. In addition to the large amount of time and effort required, it is difficult to find time to work on the project together, especially as grade twelve students.

Karl’s message to grade 11’s and future DP students: Do the majority of CAS during your grade eleven year. There will be more and more academic work, especially in grade twelve. There will be less time to do personal things, for you will be “running from crisis to crisis”.  [note from Mr. Hamilton: students still need to be involved in CAS activities throughout grade 12.  What I think Karl means is try to meet the eight learning outcomes in grade 11, then you can concentrate on doing the CAS you like to do that keeps you sane in the busy grade 12 years!)

If you are interested in what they are doing, take a look at Karl’s Soundcloud site and be inspired!
(an article from the 2013-2014 CAS Committee)


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