Visit congenital heart disease patients

by jonathanhamilton on April 29, 2013

Travel with Sunshine Action to visit the congenital heart patients they support.  By visiting you will get to understand more about this issue and the work that Sunshine Action does.  Any students should make sure they travel with their parent.

“We will go to the 2nd visit of the 5th group of 9 Congenital Heart Disease Children & patients sponsored by Sunshine Action in 廣州武警总队医院 Guangzhou Armed Police Hospital on TUE 07 MAY 2013 上廣州探小朋友 – Meet at 8:45 am  in LO WU  at GNC shop 出閘前有間 GNC 舖頭等!!!

Most of the CHD surgeries sponsored by SUNSHINE ACTION are in the range of RMB 35’000-80’000, so our sponsorship varies depending on the complexity of the surgery and the situation of each case, but you can start saving lifes with a small donation from HK$100.– to be part of this life-saving program and join forces to make these children be a lot happier & healthier the rest of their lifes.

Most of these families are farmers with as low as  an average RMB 500/month income to support the whole family.

Please come and see to understand more of what we do….

If you are interested to go, please confirm with me asap.


Sunny Mak – 耀陽行動觡 Sunshine Action
[ ] – HK Charity IRO-91/10271
HK Mob: 852-9387-3243 Fax: 852-3016-9853
Donation: [ ]

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