How to Get Ready for Auditions!

Auditions Dates:
Monday Nov 20, Tuesday Nov 21, Wednesday Nov 22, Thursday Nov 23

Call Backs (will be determined after Thursday’s Auditions):
Friday, Nov 24

Where: LLAC 816 (Ms. Benusa’s Room)
Time: 2:40-5:00pm each day

Auditions are open to students in Grade 3-6. Audition sign-ups will be posted on this blog in November.

What do I have to do?

  1. Sing! Seussical Jr. is a through-sung musical, which means there is very little dialogue and almost the entire story is told through song! Cast members must be very confident singers. You’ll have choices between 3-4 different Seussical songs for the singing portion of your audition (we will link below in the coming weeks). The audition committee will probably not listen to you sing the whole thing.
  2. Move! We’ll ask you to do a little dancing for us so we can see how you find the beat to the music and move your body.
  3. Optional – share a hidden talent that does not require any special set-up of instruments (ie. tumbling, juggling, whistling, funny noises)

What happens in the auditions?

We’ll do our best to make the auditions as comfortable as possible. We’ll ask you to sing, dance and share hidden talents.  You will audition on your own in front of the audition committee, it’s your chance to show us what you’ve got! If something goes wrong, just take a breath and keep going!

Do I really have to sing?!?

Yup. This is one of the most important things we’re looking for as the whole show is made up of songs, not talking! We don’t expect you to be an operatic super star, but we are looking for each actor to have a confident singing voice.

Do I really have to dance?!?

Yup. The show choreography is designed to make everyone look good. You do not have to be an experienced dancer to join the show.

What else can I do to prepare?

  • Join Special Seussical Sessions
  • Review the cast member contract – if you are a member of the Seussical Jr. team, you and your parents will be asked to sign this document outlining expectations for attendance, role responsibilities and behavior. We find that it’s good to know what you’re getting into before you audition, so take time to review the contract now.
  • Review the rehearsal schedule – really think about the commitment you make before you join!

Any questions? See Ms. Benusa!

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