Week Ten – Gluing it All Together

by Ashley on March 11, 2018

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In two and a half weeks this will all be over! Even though there will be a lot going on between now and March 28, it’s important to appreciate and enjoy this wild and crazy ride! Are you having fun yet?

Our goals for this week are:

  1. start to run larger sections of the show
  2. add some microphones and props

As we start running the show some cast members might find that they have a lot of down time when they’re not onstage. The challenge to this is for each member of our team not to get distracted or lose focus during the lull in their action because things will still be happening on stage. Please bring home learning or a book to keep yourself occupied with during these times! Alternatively, there will be a feedback form for you to mark as you watch other members of the cast perform. Let us know what you think needs work!

We have rehearsal Monday through Friday this week (G4 students we’ll miss you as you’re away at camp on Wednesday and Thursday!). Mains and Minors have rehearsal on Saturday, March 17 from 9-3. Please look at the schedule carefully:

Monday – LLAC 718 (no theatre) – till 4:00

  • Full-cast run 2nd half (Monkey Around to Bows)

Tuesday – Theatre – till 4:00 (mains/minors stay till 5:00)

  • Full-cast run 1st half (Opener to Amayzing Gertrude)
  • Mains/Minors run blocking/mic workshop/puppet workshop

Wednesday – Theatre – everyone till 5:00

  • Full-cast run 2nd half (Monkey Around to Bows)
  • Mains wearing mics

Thursday – Theatre – everyone till 5:00

  • Full-cast run full show
  • Mains wearing mics (and some minors)

Friday – Theatre – everyone till 5:00

  • Full-cast run full show
  • All mics

Saturday – Theatre – mains/minors only 9am-3pm

  • Bring your own lunch!
  • Workshop weak sections
  • Run full show in afternoon with some costumes/props/scenery

Want to do a little more work to make sure you’re prepared?

Know your part inside and out!

See you tomorrow in 718!

The Seuss Production Team

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