Week Nine – Costumes, Blocking and Puppets!

by Ashley on March 3, 2018

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We can’t believe we were able to gain all of our momentum back in last week’s rehearsals. Well done guys! We have four jam-packed rehearsals this week – are you ready?

Our goals for this week are:

  1. Try on costumes – figure out what works and what doesn’t
    • Make sure you have brought in AND labeled all the pieces of your costume that Ms. Rendall has requested by your group’s day
  2. Take head shots
  3. Block lots of Jungle scenes
  4. Whos will try out their puppets!

We’re all over the place this week because so much is going on! Please look at the schedule carefully:


  • Jungle (Cats, Horton, Gertrude, Mayzie, Kangaroos, Birds, Monkeys) – Stage
  • Whos (Jojo, Mayor, Wife) – LLAC 718 – Costumes/Head Shots


  • Whos – Stage – Blocking
  • Birds – LLAC 815 – Costumes/Head Shots
  • Jungle Dancers, Ensembles, Monkeys- LLAC 613 – Choreo
  • Solla Sollew Featured Dancers – 4/F Dance Room – Solla Sollew
  • Select Jungle – Room 811 – Makeup Trial


  • Jungle, Monkeys, Birds – Stage – Blocking
  • Mains/Minors – LLAC 718 – Costumes/Head Shots
  • Whos – LLAC 613 – Vocals Check-In


  • Whos – LLAC 613 – PUPPETS!
  • Jungle Dancers, Ensemble, Monkeys – Costumes/Head Shots
  • Birds – 4/f Dance Room – Choreo Review
  • Mains/Minors – coaching in various locations

Want to do a little more work to make sure you’re prepared?

Take a look at the videos in the choreography folder – there’s lots to practice in there!

See you Tuesday!

The Seuss Production Team

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