Week Three Game Plan – Vocals Revise and Main/Minors Work

by Ashley on January 14, 2018

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It has been a beautiful weekend! I hope you have rested up and are ready for week 3 of Seuss! We had a handful of people sick last week – we hope you are feeling better! If you missed a rehearsal, please check in with a fellow member of your group to see what you missed!

This week we only have one full-cast rehearsal on Tuesday because of Learning Conferences. Make sure you check in with attendance on the 10/f of the LLAC with Ms. Aman and Ms. Helms before you go to your rehearsal space!

Our goals for this week are:

  1. Revise the material for each group that we didn’t get to finish last week.
  2. Sing through all the songs we’ve worked on so far as an ensemble/full-cast group
  3. Mains/Minors give more attention to solos and duets throughout the show
Where you go for rehearsal:
Tuesday, Jan 16
  • All Jungle, Cats, Horton, Gertrude, Mayzie, Birds, Monkeys to LLAC 816
  • All Whos, Jojo, Mayor, Mayor’s Wife to the LLAC Stage

Extra Main/Minor Work this week:

  • Monday Lunch – Mayzie
  • Tuesday Lunch – Horton
  • Wednesday Morning Recess – Sour Kangaroo??
  • Thursday Morning Recess – Cats
  • Friday 2:45-5:00pm – All Mains/Minors (the students required for this workshop have already received an email, if you have not, don’t worry about attending this!)

Want to do a little work to make sure you’re prepared?

  1. Sing through the tricky songs
    • Whos: Solla Sollew and echos on It’s Possible
    • Jungle: Egg Nest and Tree
  2. If you learned choreography last week – keep practicing it
    • Bird girls – we wish we had filmed your final product from Thursday, any chance you guys can get together outside of rehearsal and film what you did?!?
  3. Work on singing all of your songs with the instrumental tracks, do you know when to come in? Do you know what note to sing when you do? Are you holding the long notes as long as you need to?

See you Tuesday!

The Seuss Production Team

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