Preparing Your “Base Layer” of Your Character

by Ashley on December 28, 2017

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday. We hope little teeny bits of that time has been dedicated to learning your parts for our production! Our first rehearsal is the first day we get back, January 2 at 2:45-4:00 in the LLAC Theatre. We can’t wait to see you there! Make sure you bring your scripts and a pencil!

Until then, a good thing to do is to start to prepare the “base layer” of your character. This means laying a foundation for your character in a couple of different ways:

  • make sure you know all of the songs that your character is responsible for and you’ve practiced them with the vocal and the instrumental tracks
  • if you have lines, practice how you character would say them, try out several ways until you find the perfect one!
  • think about how your character acts when they are not speaking or singing:
    • if your character had to freeze in a surprised shape, what would that look like? What about sad? Or happy? Or angry?
    • if your character had to run, skip or walk, what could you do to make that movement special to you?
    • what is your charcter’s story outside of Seuss? If you don’t have a name, give yourself one!

Ms. Rendall, our costume director also requested that students collect their own items if they are specific characters and/or ensemble members. We also think of these items as the “base layer” of your costume. When you bring in these pieces of clothing, please make sure everything is marked with your name and your class on the tag. If you lost your letter or it didn’t make it all the way home, you can find those details below:

Bird Girls (by January 4):

  • black leggings (not shiny)
  • plain short sleeve round neck t-shirt
  • black shoes (can be black ballet shoes, jazz dance shoes or tap shoes without tap or simple black ballroom dancing shoes)

Monkeys (by January 4):

  • black slim fit track pants
  • white trainers
  • a fitted plain white short-sleeve t-shirt

All Whos (by January 4):

  • black shoes- black converse high tops sneakers or regular sneakers are preferred but black school shoes are fine as well.
  • as many jackets, skirts, short sleeved tops, wide leg shorts, pants, dresses and vests that the student ALREADY OWNS in plain, solid block coloured pieces – with no logos, designs, or patterns- bright colours but not flourescent, pastel or washed out tones. Here are some colour samples:
  • Our plan is to take stock of what clothing of these colours that students already have before we purchase new pieces or accessorize. The pieces that students bring it may not be final costumes, but just a starting point.
  • We realize these can be tricky colours to find in Hong Kong! If you don’t already have clothes in these colours, DO NOT PANIC! The costume team just wants to see what people have before they continue with their design.

Jungle Ensemble and Dancers (by January 12)

  • black leggings that are not shiny
  • black ballet shoes or jazz shoes

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Benusa or Ms. Butler

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