Congratulations to our Awesome Cast!

by Ashley on November 27, 2017

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We are so proud of the hard work you did last week in auditions. We can’t wait to see our show take form!
Some students were coming into check in about a couple of casting choices we made. Here are some answers:
  • Did everyone get in? Yes! We believe that an inclusive show allows everyone to shine and learn from each other in different ways! As long as students have a positive approach to the production and a positive commitment to attending every rehearsal – they have a part in our show!
  • Why are there three Cat in the Hats? You will find out! But for now, know that we’re super excited for the extra layer of magic this casting will add to our show!
  • What’s a Hula Who? After watching auditions and learning about each cast members talents we wanted to make space for some of our talented students! Hula Whos will be featured dancers that will use hula hoops in different parts of the shows. Are you a Hula Who with no hula hoop skills? Never fear! We’ve got plans for everyone!
  • Does it matter which “Who family” I am in? Yes and no. Who families will work together in some scenes and they will work as one big ensemble in others. It will be fun to figure out what we do when!
A couple of details moving forward:
  1. Your script and the show are ready to go! To get access to these resources you need to print and return your signed cast member contract to LLAC 816 during lunch recess this week (G6 you can hand yours in on Monday – have fun at camp!). Please take time with your parents to read each detail in the contract carefully before you sign it!
  2. You can find our rehearsal schedule here. Print out a copy and put it on the fridge or wherever you keep important family documents at home!
  3. Our only meeting before we have our December break is a full-cast read-through on December 8 in LLAC 718 from 2:40-4:00 (mains/minors stay till 5:00). This meeting serves two purposes:
  • make sure you know what to work on for your part during the break!
  • get our costume measurements

As always, if you have any questions, let us know!

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