Week Twelve – Show Time

by Ashley on March 26, 2018

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We made it! It’s show time! Our goals for this week are:
Have fun!

Yep, that’s it! We have our Preview on Monday Afternoon and shows on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. You’ll need to come to school each day with your show shirt on and your hair done (if needed). We sent home a document with details about this week and you can find it here.

Monday – Preview

  • 10:30 – Pack-up your belongings and leave class for lunch in the 6/f cafeteria (even G3 and G4), if you normally bring a home lunch, please do so, if you normally eat school lunch, you can do so from the cafeteria on 6/f.
  • 11:00 – Report to 613 for Cast meeting
  • 11:15 – Start round 1 and 2
  • We will only do costumes and wigs on Monday as we have a limited teacher team
  • We will probably have to end the show at “well, what do you think?” and skip the Finale and Green Eggs and Ham
  • When we finish, bus riders strike first so they can get the after school bus
  • No rehearsal, everyone REST

Tuesday – Show #1

  • At the end of the school day report to 613 and hang out in or around that room
  • 3:30 – dinner is served in the 6/f cafeteria
  • 4:15 – Round 1 starts
  • 6:15 – Cast meeting in 718
  • 8:00 – Show is over

Wednesday – Show #2

  • Same as Tuesday but there will be thank yous on stage at the end of Green Eggs and Ham, so don’t dance off, dance back.
  • When the thank yous are done, we’ll sing “Green Eggs and Ham” once more and dance off.
  • Then we strike costumes, make sure you know what you’re taking home and what you’re returning to Ms. Rendall and Ms. Polawski

Mark your calendars for our cast party on April 13th in LLAC 815 to watch the show as a cast!

Seuss-ly Yours,

Ms. Benusa


Last Six Days of Seuss!

by Ashley on March 23, 2018

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Great work in the preview today everyone!

Six days of Seuss left! Are you ready?? Thank you for your dedication, commitment and energy in making our show AMAYZING! We can’t wait till we open but We also don’t want it to end!! This letter details everything you need to know in the next six days, please read it carefully!

Show Shirts – Show Shirts were handed out during yesterday’s rehearsal. Please label the tag with your name. Students have permission to wear their shirts to school on Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with school uniform bottoms.

Seuss Sneak Peek – Friday we will perform the first three numbers (Opener, Horton Hears and Biggest Blame Fool) at lunch recess for G3-G6 and G1-G2 in the Forum. Your teachers know that we are keeping you a little late from lunch for the second performance. Please come to the Forum as soon as you are done eating!

Closed Rehearsals – With all the excitement the final days of preparation and upcoming performances bring, we’ve noticed a few parents peeking in on rehearsals in the theatre. Please note that all Seussical rehearsals, the Sneak Peek on Friday, and the preview on Monday are for students only.

Call Times – Call times are when actors are expected to start getting ready for their performance. Call time is not an arrival time as it is when you need to start each station. Because our cast is so large, please pay close attention to when you go where in the chart below!

Saturday Tech Day – We have rehearsal from 9-3 on Saturday. In this rehearsal we will put the final touches on the show including our only costume/hair/makeup run without an audience. Please plan on being there for the full rehearsal. We will provide some snacks on the day, but please bring your own lunch.

Monday Preview – On Monday we will give a preview performance during the day. Cast members will be released from class to each lunch at 10:30am. The preview will run from 1:00-2:20. After the cast strikes their mics, props, costumes, hair and makeup they may go home. It is our expectation that cast members will take this opportunity to REST, not to engage in an ASA that afternoon.

Hair and Makeup Presets – Ms. Polawski and Ms. Rendall have given hair and makeup “presets” that students need to prepare at home on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to help with the flow of the show set-up.

Jungle animals- At home please prepare hair smoothed back in a bun. Face paint done at school.

All Whos, Jojo, Mayor’s wife- At home, please prepare hair tied hair tightly and gelled back in a medium-high bun. Wigs and makeup done at school. Please bring your dark eyeliner to school each day.

Bird girls: At home, prepare your hair in a high ponytail with a front quiff. We have something to put under the hair to add volume for the ‘quiff’ at the front. Makeup will be done at school.

Other Mains/Minors
Horton, Sour Kangaroo, Baby Kangaroo-hair and makeup done at school.
Cats in Hats- Girls, please prepare two braids in hair at home. Face paint done at school.
Gertrude- At home prepare a tight neat bun, use hair spray if necessary. Makeup done at school.
Mayzie- At home, prepare hair in a high ponytail, use hair spray if necessary. We will add the hair pieces and makeup at school.
Mayor- At home, please slick back hair with gel to allow wig to stay on. Make-up at school.

Meals – The Seuss Production Team will be providing an early dinner for Cast and Crew on Tuesday and Wednesday next week starting at 3:30pm in the 6/f cafeteria. As the preparations for the show begin quite early, we ask that students please stay at school on these two days to ensure that they are on time for each element of their set-up. Students can relax, finish their home learning, and stay focused for the production.

Strike – In the theatre world, “to strike” means to clean up. On Wednesday evening we will need to strike backstage before we go. For students this means cleaning up props, returning hair and makeup elements to those teams and taking home any elements of their costume that they purchased. More information will be forthcoming on how students can purchase pieces that the school supplied for their role. Parents, please plan on staying a little late after the Wednesday show as we will not release students from backstage until their materials are in order.

Shuttles – Please note that there will be a shuttle service from the MTR to school prior to the show each night. There will also be buses from school into town at the end of each show. Check the upcoming Flash for more details!

Cast Party – Mark your calendar for our cast party! April 13 from 2:30-4:00 in LLAC 816!

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