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by rebeccahosick on August 27, 2011

Amnesty International

Amnesty International branched from, and was named after, the international non-governmental organization (NGO) Amnesty International, a long-standing global campaign for basic human rights and dignity. Eager to partake in this time-honored movement, we aim primarily to fundraise for a larger cause as well as to raise awareness among students, motivating them to take action against injustice. We plan to accomplish these objectives not only by holding monthly sales, but also by working towards and hosting more far-reaching campaigns. One example of such an activity is the Vow of Silence, in which Upper School students raise funds for the time they remain silent, and at the same time spread the message to those around them about the silenced and the suppressed. In addition to hosting independent activities, Amnesty International will collaborate with other clubs to contribute to a collective effort organized by the Global Issues Network (GIN). However, regardless of whether we arrange a school-wide event with every club in the school, or simply sell pizza on the sixth floor bridge, Amnesty will invariably be committed to lighting a candle in the lives of those living in the dark.

President: Rachel Lee      Vice Presidents: Celine Chan, Eunice Lee     Teacher supervisor:  Shane Titus

Meetings: Wednesday @ lunch in room 610.

Animal Protection Club

The Animal Protection Club’s (APC) goal is to raise awareness on animal abuse and endangered species. This year the APC have decided to do something different and will try to raise enough money to sponsor a moon bear. The reason for choosing to focus mainly on moon bears is because moon bears in China and other places like Vietnam are forced to be incaged for their whole life with a metal catheter stuck to their gall bladder or abdomen to extract bile for medicinal use. This process is completely unnecessary as there are more than 50 herbal and man-made alternatives to take over the bear bile industry. To date, AnimalsAsia, an organization we will be working closely with, rescued around 350 moon bears of the 10,000 imprisoned in China. In order to raise enough money to carry out our activities and spread awareness amongst the school community, we will be participating in the Family Fun Fair, the International Coastal Cleanup, volunteering at animal shelters, as well as hosting events such as the “Run-For-Bear” marathon. Opening minds, opening hearts, and opening a path for animals in need.

President:  Theo Hung    Teacher Supervisor: Ms. Harris-Lowe

Meetings: Mondays @ lunch in room 607

Environmental Club

The goal of the CDNIS Environmental Club is to raise awareness about the environment and promote proactive contribution within the school, whilst having fun! The E-Club organizes frequent activities like hikes and beach cleanups, and tries to make our school greener each day with the addition of environmental measures like ‘ecofont’ and a ‘lights out’ initiative. In the 2010-2011 school year, the E-Club is planning to host a charity concert entitled ‘VIVA’ to fundraise for environmental causes. Other events in the making include a family fun fair booth, a school wide beach cleanup, and joint activities with other clubs around school.

Presidents: Jun Pang and Daniel Poon    Teacher Supervisors: Mr. Luciani and Ms. Dacho

Meetings: Tuesdays @ lunch room 515

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity’s (HFH) mission statement is to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. It is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to eradicating inadequate housing.

The HFH club at CDNIS contributes by participating in HFH-sponsored build trips to assist in the construction of  safe and secure homes to improve the lives of people in need. A major fundraising event is held annually, along with some smaller fundraisers, to raise money for these trips. This year’s trips are planned for China and Thailand where CDNIS students make a difference. Please support our fundraisers and join our build trips to help make a difference!

President: Jessica Nip  Vice President: Jamie Lim     Teacher Supervisors: Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Maika, , Ms. Jablonowski

Meetings: Thursdays (once/twice a month)

Heifer International Club

Heifer International takes its name from the Hong Kong Branch of Heifer International, a non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to ending hunger and poverty. They provide animals and training to those in need, helping impoverished families around the world move towards self-reliance. In full support of Heifer’s mission, we primarily aim to fundraise for at least one Heifer by the end of each school year while also raising awareness of Heifer’s mission to break the poverty cycle, thus continuing the work that Heifer has done in the Lower School to the Upper School. We plan to accomplish these goals by holding monthly sales but by hosting Heifer-themed events. One event that’s set to be launched by January 2013 is Cow Quidditch, Heifer CDNIS’ take on the increasingly popular Harry Potter-themed sport Muggle Quidditch. Whether it’s selling pizza or other foods on the sixth floor bridge, or dressing up as Heifer International’s mascot Hei Hei to raise awareness, Heifer will be dedicated to breaking the poverty cycle, one animal at a time.

President: Emma Lentchner      Teacher Supervisors: Ms Hosick

Meetings: Thursdays @ lunch (once/twice a month)

Interact Club

The CDNIS Interact Club is a student-run in-school club that focuses on giving back to our community. As privileged children of our societywho enjoy the luxury of many goods, we think that we should also tend to thosewho are less fortunate in our community. In the past, we have hosted numerous visits to elderly homes, low-income families and orphanages in our local community. In order to learn more about these people’s stories and to make them happier, previously we have put on shows, act out skits, dance to music we  create and much more. We have also hosted many ‘material-raising’ activities, such as Famine 10 and clothes collections to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate and provide them with a little bit of comfort. In the future, we hope we can do even more for our community and we hope that you do too.

Presidents: ChoYu  Suen   Vice President: Karen Li   Cherri Wong   Teacher Supervisors: Ms. Berry, Mr. Usher

Meetings: Wednesdays @ lunch in room 316


Ever imagined a world of darkness? Ever imagined what it would be like if we are unable to see our world? There are over 45 million blind people that cannot enjoy the gift of eyesight, because of the lack of funds and resources. The mission of CDNIS ORBIS CLUB is to raise awareness for blindness treatments, problems, and preventions. We will conduct various fund raising activities, such as Dialogue in the Dark, the Blind Date Event, and a Nightwalk in collaboration with the Environmental Club. Many exciting and gripping ideas will spill from this club! Most importantly, we will continue to create new ideas to fundraise such as bubble tea sells and many more to come. The money will provide tools, training, and technology for ORBIS and its partners to develop quality eye care services that are sustainable. We look forward to work in partnership with other clubs. Do please become a part of this worthwhile project. Start and make a difference in those who are visually impaired.

Presidents: Natalie Lau and Vicki Ye     Teacher Supervisor: Ms. Huang

Meetings: Every first or second Monday of the month @ lunch in room 306


Across the world today, 2.1 million children under the age of 15 are living with HIV.  Yet how people are aware of this fact?  This is why the UNICEF Club was created, to raise awareness to the convention of rights of child, and to introduce the school community to the role that UNICEF plays in the lives of children in third-world countries.  The UNICEF Club has participated in many in-school activities, such as Famine 10, and even produced an after-school poverty simulation, Stand Up Against Poverty, for Lower School students that ended in huge success.  UNICEF club also participated in the Crossroad Simulation, the Refugee Run, and has joined the “Changing Young Lives” program this year.  Our club also takes great pride in promoting UNICEF Young Envoys, a program that provides valuable opportunities for young people to experience life in a Third World Country.  In terms of community work, the “Changing Young Lives” program remains to be the only choice, however you can be certain that more choices will be up soon.

President: Ra    Vice-President: Tiffany Cheung     Teacher Supervisors: Mr. Boeyink and Mr. Tsang

Meetings: Every other Monday @ lunch in room 413

WWF Club

The WWF (World Wide Fund) Club is a new GIN club in CDNIS, and our goals are to educate and take action to help the environments. The WWF club wants to give students a chance to experience first hand what is going on in the world and give opportunities to volunteer outside of school. We hope to spread awareness inside and outside of school. Through activities such as Island House volunteering (which will start October 2012, and will happen once a month). The WWF club is a club where every single member will feel like they are contributing their time or talent, and therefore we have a small close knit number of members. Who all have the common goal of educating people about the growing environmental issues in the world, and actually taking action, The WWF club will not be taking a huge part in fundraising, but instead take more time to educate. Since some of our club issues are similar to the issues of E-club and animal protection club, we’ll be collaborating closely with those clubs to organize bigger and better events!

President: Emily Tang     Vice-President: Andrea Kung   Teacher Supervisors: Mr. Paetzold and Ms. Jong

Meetings: Fridays @ lunch

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